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", Every frenzy behind, there must be doubled reward."
", If the greeting just greetings on the matter, then the call with the monkey is not the same? In fact, the correct greetings must be in a short sentence to clearly show your concern for him. From: Short English"
", Action is the success of the ladder, the more action, the higher the boarding."
", Do not think about creating the sea, be sure to start by the river."
"The most pathetic of human nature is: we always dream of a fantastic rose garden in the horizon, rather than to enjoy the day to open the rose in our window."
", ""People"" is the structure of mutual support, ""public"" people need the cause of everyone's participation."
", The heart of the people in every worry to see a chance, while the negative people in every opportunity to see some kind of worry."
", The first sentence, never put down; the second sentence, never put down; the third sentence, never put down."
", For the poor Qianli head, a higher level. - Wang Zhihuan"
"There is nothing to do with life, there is nothing can not give up."
"Tough is a major factor in success, as long as the knock on the door enough long enough, and finally will wake up."
", There is no one can not condemn the endure and struggle to conquer the fate."
"Home, sweet home! The world is the most perfect home."
", When you feel sad and painful, it is best to learn something. Learning will make you forever invincible."
", Not strong is not strong - ink zhai"
", As long as the road is right, not afraid of the road far."
", A person who can see things from someone else's minds and who can understand the minds of others never worry about the future of the self."
", The use of both hands is the labor, the use of both hands and mind of the helmsman, the use of both hands and mind is the artist, only the hands of both hands and mind together with the feet is the salesman."
", So people can, is convinced that can."
", The ideal is from the beginning of delusion, all Niubi began with hardships."
", No one is rich enough to be able to help others, and no one is too poor to be able to help others in some way."
", With its Pro Yuan Xian fish, as the network."
", People who have tears to sow must be able to smile harvest."
", We can hit the south wall again and again, the lack of one can lose their ideals."
", Even climbed to the highest mountain, once only step by step down to earth."
", Proud should be kind to others, because you will need them when you are frustrated."
", Make a lot of money, but can not find the money can not find the entrepreneur."
", The sun every day is new, the sun every day for every heart and rise!"
", To avoid the reality of the people, the future will be less ideal."
", Optimism itself is a success, behind the clouds is still a bright sunny day."
It's more important to do things than to do things.
", Deliberate thinking caused by intentions of life, negative thinking to create a negative life."
", The great man reached and continued the height, not a fly to, but they are in the companions are asleep when climbing up step by step hardships."
", To be sincere people, people are sincere and should be."
", Mo find an excuse to fail, only to find a reason to succeed. (Not for failure to find a reason to find a way for success)"
"More than a few minutes last night to prepare, this day a few hours of trouble."
", I believe that the dream can reach the place, one day the pace can reach."
", You can choose such a ""half-heartedly"": confidence and determination; creative willing."
"Everything will be fine, even if not today."
", If people are weak is the biggest enemy of self."
", Selling the world's No. 1 product - no, but instead. Before selling to others, you must be 100% self-selling to the self."
", Not the situation created people, but the artificial situation."
Let us put the worries in advance for the thought and plan beforehand!
", Smooth sailing that is not called growth."
", A believer who developed the power, more than only those who are interested."
", One of the biggest bankruptcy is despair, the biggest asset is the expectation."
", The first youth is God to give; the second youth is by self-excited. Confident words"
", One of the biggest bankruptcy is despair, the biggest asset is the expectation."
"God never complains about people's ignorance, but people are complaining about God's injustice."
", Everyone should work hard, so as to become the ideal object in the eyes of others."
", Every success has a start. The courage to start in order to find success."
", Hold the greatest expectation, for the greatest excitement, do the worst plan."
", Linghu said, ""Some things we can not control, we have to control ourselves."""
", Courage does not mean that fear does not exist, but dare to deal with fear to overcome fear."
", For the most potential of the pilot wind and waves are always particularly turbulent."
", Life is a flight, can not sit still."
", Success is not the future only, but from the decision to do that moment, continued to accumulate."
", If sad, it is hard to look up at the sky, looking at the forgotten, it is so big, you can tolerate all your grievances."
", Go out to take the road, export good words, shot to do good things."
", The Prophet three days, the rich ten years."
", Even if the fall, but also heroic smile."
", Take the telescope to see other people, take a magnifying glass to see themselves. - motives and inspirational quotations."
", Worse than you have not given up, than you are still working hard, you are more qualified to say that you can do nothing"
", Really interested in others, is the most important character of the salesman."
", Great man is so great, because of his coexistence with others when adversity, others lost confidence, he was determined to achieve self-goal."
", Even if the immature attempt, but also better than the strategy of fetal death."
", The peak only to climb it rather than look at it for people who have real benefits."
", Who really try to help others, not to help the self."
", Gou Li country life and death, not because of bad fortune avoidance. - Lin Zexu"
", Couple heart, dirt into gold."
", Sometimes negative energy will also have their own inspirational effect, even stronger than positive energy."
", This is my life, can not entrust to others, can not be taken away by others my life."
", Old and stable, aiming for thousands of miles; martyrs old age, heart endless. - Cao Cao"
", Any restrictions, are starting from the heart of the self."
", Any knowledge that I am pursuing, just to more fully prove that the ignorance of the self is infinite."
The future you will certainly thank you now desperately.
", Aspiring things competing, the most drastic, Bai Qin Guan Gu Chu; painstaking days do not live, hardships, more than three thousand can swallow Wu."
", Only the road can not be selected - that is to lay down the road; only the road can not refuse - that is the way to grow up."
", The easiest things in the world, the delay in the most effortless."
", Frustration is actually the success of the tuition fees payable."
", Light is not the sun's patent, you can also light."
", Action is to cure the fear of medicine, and hesitation will continue to nourish fear."
"What about it? Tired, why not give up? Because my parents still fight for me, I did not give up the reason."
", To sell products to the customer's heart, bad for the customer's head."
", The direction of the wind, only the most suitable for flying."
", Something, things actually into; drastic, hundred Qin Guan Gu finally Chu; painstaking people, days do not live; hardships, more than three thousand can swallow Wu."
", When you feel sad and painful, it is best to learn something. Learning will make you forever invincible."
"There is no desperate situation in the world, only those who are desperate for the situation."
", A good start half of the success."
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